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“Tommy Galan is an asset to any organization, he is a great teacher.  He is a great speaker with enthusiasm and a sense of what the group needs. He is easy going and always willing to do the work necessary to build something wonderful.”  

~Ali Farahnakian, Owner/Founder, The Peoples Improv Theater, NYC


“Tommy will energize every communication you have… from one-on-one phone conversations and networking up to and including giving a sales presentation or a talk to 100 people.”

~Gil Effron, CEO of Strategies for Growth and Ambassador to The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce


“Relevant, engaging, fun, informative and exciting!”

~Matthew Schneider, Esq.- Proskauer Rose


“The Best!”

~Frank Ginsberg, CEO of Avrett Free Ginsberg


“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; Our members want more dynamic programming and you were the hit of the meeting!”

~Maurice Williams, American Bar Association


“Extremely interesting content.  The way it is taught allowed me to absorb the information and retain it for future usage.  Tommy has a great deal of passion for his subject and students.”

~Terry Daves, President of Medallion Retail


“Insightful and different from the usual”

~Eran Grossman, Esq. – Solo Practitioner


“Tommy” is extremely patient, kind and caring in his methods. He has a way of building confidence in anxious new students with no experience at all by helping them to break out of their shell. If you hire him (as we did) I can personally guarantee a fun time and you will not regret it. Do not question it…just book him now!” 

~Adam Sietz, Entrepreneur 


“Tommy is a wonderful instructor. He is very clear, patient and really finds ways to relate improv to speaking and business practices. He is very friendly and good at making everybody feel comfortable. I highly recommend his services!”  

~Pamela Rubin, Law Student


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